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(if ^ Christ! shall be clothed in Tesrjre of two different kinds ; so It is stated
in me Knraa. This is in the 6ih Sipara ; whoever doubts me may see it there
far himself. These now are the years of Christ, as I am going to state in de-
tail. Take tea,, eleven,, and twelve thirty times (that It Is say 10-fIl-fl2x3G
=990), fhea Christ shall reign 40 years. The other 70 years that remaia
{after 9904-40, to make up 1.100) are for the bridge Sirat. The saints will
cross It like a flash, of lightning ; the pious with the speed of a horse ; but as
for the merely nominal believers who remain, for them there are 10 kinds of
hell ;* the bridge SIrat Is lite the edge of a sword, they fall or they get cut in
pieces— cross over. This is stated, in the Amiyat SaMm ; go and look at
it carefully» The statement is clear, but your heart is too blind to see It. Christ
stands for 10?* the Imam for 11. and in the 12th century,, then shall be ih©
perfect day-break. This is written in the Am Siparaj which is the 30th.

" When Christ, Muhammad, and the Imam are come^ every one will come
and bow before them. But you should see not with the eyes of the body, but,
after "reflection, with the eyes of the soul. Azazil saw in person, bat would not
bow to Adam. Though he had done houiage times without number, it all went
for nothing. When they saw Ma pride,! the corse was pronounced and he
became an outcast. Then Azazil asked a boon: 4 Adam has become my enemy.
I will pervert the ways of his descendants and reign in the hearts of them all/
Thus it was between Adam and Azazilj as is clearly stated in the 8th Sipara. You
take after him in sense, but what can TOE do, since you are his offspring. You
look for Bajja! § outside, but lie sits at your heari, according to the curse.

a You bare not understood the meaning of the above ; listen to me now with
the ears of the,spirit. In like manner as He has always come, so will He come
All the Prophets have been of Jewish race—look through ihem with
ih* eyes of the soul—that is, they have sprung from the midst of Hindus,
whom you call KMis. Search now among your own people ; the Lord has
never been born among them. The races whom you call heathen will all
fee saaetlfied through Mm. The Lord thinks scorn of no man, but is compas-
sionate to all who are humble. A veil is said to be over the Lord's face.
What ? do van not know this ? By the veil is meant * among Hindus;' mere

*" Tfeii i* tfcfi Hiidv computation 5 tie Mifaamizadani; redkop only SCTCSI hells,
i Tfcii is               to frxplun the cario«t ealcuMioa giren atwe? * tea, eiere% ac*i
aaltipped bj thirty/
*                    wonli,          fc0           fat Aiu&mMr.
,f                 tte ipirit of ttil             ii prwp»ly fbe BUM «f aati-Qmil*